How to Overcome Stage Fear?

What is stage fear?

Public speaking fear is one of the most common phenomena and affects everyone at some time. 90 % of people fear public speaking and it is a fear of being judged by an audience. When you get the chance to pitch your new product to investors or perform on the stage, some might find it difficult to do so because of the fear of public speaking. To top it off, some even throw up from nervousness. This blog
aims to help you overcome stage fright and pitch in front of hundreds of people but first, you need to understand what causes stage fear so that you can avoid its cause from happening again in your life.

What causes stage fear?

The embarrassment of humiliation and being judged by others is what causes “Stage fear”. It may be due to the performer’s apprehension, nervousness, anticipation, or anxiety. The sensation that you are about to be judged negatively by others, makes you feel embarrassed. but why? The answer is- it is normal — and can be a good thing! The “stress hormones” (like adrenaline) that your body produces at times like these can help you focus. These feelings might seem overwhelming, but they’re just symptoms of what’s happening on the inside: Your body is preparing itself for action!

Now you’re probably wondering: How do I overcome stage fear? The good news is that it’s not something you have to fight forever — it will eventually fade away on its own. But if you want to speed up the process-

Here are some tips:-

• Find a supportive audience. If you’re nervous about performing in front of an audience, find someone who has your back and can help keep you calm and focused during your performance. You can also ask them to cheer for you from the audience or even call out some
of your best lines!
• Prepare as much as possible ahead of time. Make sure every part of your show—from costume changes to set changes—is planned out in advance so that when it comes time for each one, everything goes smoothly without any last-minute panic attacks because something didn’t go according to plan!
• Take deep breaths and focus on what matters most: getting through this performance with grace and poise. Tell yourself that it’s normal for your body to feel this way. You’ll be fine!
• Keep your mistakes to yourself! Have you ever finished a presentation and immediately thought of everything that went wrong, only to realize that no one else noticed? 9 times out of 10, the audience will never recognize that what you said or did was not part of the plan. Don’t talk about your mistakes; no one else will either—they won’t know they happened!


We’ve covered a few methods on how to overcome stage fears, whether it be through finding onstage-related events to try out your new skill or by simply practicing and getting used to the feeling. Whatever works for you is what you should do, and remember that it took practice to get good at anything in life. So don’t expect that however you must approach stage fear will work immediately, as sometimes it does, but if you stick with it, you can get to where you want.

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