5 Vital Tips on Voice Modulation


Looking for tips on Voice Modulation? You are at the right place. Head below to learn the art of voice modulation which plays a very vital role in the field where you require to communicate at each level. And we know, communication has became an important aspect for ones success in this digital world.

At least once in a lifetime, that moment comes in the lives of each of us when everyone wants to listen to you and you need to communicate with all of them. 

The most important aspect of your speech would be your Voice Modulation. 

It is when you make an ever-lasting impact on the minds of your audience.

You might have attended the sessions where the speaker is only interested in delivering the information, that too in a monotonous voice. 

In such a situation, it becomes very difficult for the audience to listen to the speaker. 

The audience tends to get distracted very easily.

It is said that the audience judges the speaker in the initial 90 seconds to know whether they are going to listen to him/her any further or not. 

This fact leaves you with a very less time span in which you are supposed to grab the attention of the audience.

If you ask me whether it is difficult or not, my answer would certainly be NO.

But there are a number of things you need to keep in mind while modulating your voice in the right manner.

What are those? But before knowing them, I want to throw some light on…

Who need to learn Voice Modulation?

You may be a student, or a teen, or a working professional, or you have a 9-5 job or you are in some business. 

It is helpful for each and every individual present on this planet.

Why Voice Modulation is important?

If you want to grow in your career, you want your promotion in your job, you want to crack some interview, or you are in a business, so you want to win some clients for you. Voice Modulation is a must to learn.

So, here are the,

5 vital Tips on Voice Modulation

1. Practice Variation

You can look up for some steps that you can practise in order to develop the desired voice.

Practice speaking with variations in your speech. I will tell you how. Start doing simple things first.

Speak numbers 1 to 10 – 1 on lower tone and 10 on highest tone and then again start from 10 to 1 – 10 on highest tone and 1 on lowest tone. 

Speaking from high tone to low tone is also very important as Voice Modulation is not only about high pitch of voice. 

Whereas, you should know where to lower your pitch of voice as per the situation. 

Likewise, we see in ECG Machine. The heartbeat goes up and down. It is the same thing. Once the graph of the heart beat goes still, it means the person is dead.

2. Stress on Powerful Words

Words don’t create an impact, unless they are rightly delivered. Hence, you need to focus on the important words in your speech that will help your speech sound more interactive.

For an example: “It is important to save the Wild animals”

In this example, you need to focus on important words like “Save” and “Wild Animals”.

3. Effective Pauses

Pauses are very important. They build curiosity in the minds of the people listening to you. You have to ensure that you don’t take very long pauses, boring the audience instead.

There are 2 effective pauses I would like to share with you:

1. A pause right after your introduction.

2. A pause while moving from one topic to another.

4. Avoid Ahs and Uhms

This can really irritate the audience while listening to the speaker, if he tends to keep on adding fillers like ahs and uhms over and over again. 

To avoid such fillers, you need to practise speaking a lot. 

You need to build a roadmap of your speech in advance so that on spot you will be knowing in advance about your next topic to speak.

5. Sound Enthusiastic and Confident

The audience is seeking a hero in you, when you are speaking. 

So, you need to be enthusiastic and confident. It is very very important. 

Hope these 5 vital tips on Voice Modulation helps you out in your journey.

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Love & respect!

Ankit Ravindra Jain