The impact of nonverbal communication

Every relationship is unique in it’s own way. But when couples feel something is off, something which cannot be pinpointed yet it’s creating a major difference in your relationship, it’s lack of either form of communication. We all know nonverbal Communication plays a crucial role in building and maintaining relationships. But Non-Verbal communication does not stand forth in a corner, it’s as important as verbal communication, if not more important.

What is Non-Verbal Communication?

It is a form of communication that is conveyed through gestures, facial expressions, eye contact, tone of voice and other body language. Nonverbal communication is often unconscious and can be a powerful tool in building trust, understanding, and connection within your relationship.

Non-Verbal cues often say a lot than the actual gesture, be it negative or positive. It’s a means for showing affection, expressing emotions, and aiding in relationship maintenance and satisfaction.

A few Non-Verbal communication which affect the relationships are-

  1. Tone of Voice- Have you been the witness of, It’s not what you said but How you said it? The way we say something can convey a lot about our emotions and intentions. A soft and gentle tone can indicate kindness and understanding, while a harsh and loud tone can indicate anger and frustration.
  1. Eye Contact- Sounds easy right? Just look into your partners’ eyes when they are talking and that’s it. It’s easier said than done but it can create a deep impact on your relationship. When you listen attentively to your partner it makes them feel loved, respected and most importantly important. Simple eye contact can eradicate a giant room of any negative feelings.
  1. Body Language- A simple headshake while your partner is talking, pulling your hand away when trying to reach out, these are small un-noticed gestures which can have a deep-rooted impact on your relationship with your partner.


Neglecting these Non-Verbal communications may not have a instant impact on your relationship but it does create a major difference in your relationship in long term. Being aware of your own nonverbal communication and the non-vocal gestures of your partner can help you to better understand each other and build a stronger relationship.

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