How to use body language to improve communication

Do you know your body language says a lot about you before you even speak?

Remember the last time someone didn’t like you? Have they said that to your face or did their body language make you think so?

Maybe you both got along very well, maybe they like you but their body language conveyed the contrary.

With all the other factors I’ve mentioned to enhance communication Body language is yet another. Here are some tips on how to use body language effectively to improve communication:

  1. Maintain Eye Contact

I always tell in my seminars and videos to maintain eye contact while communicating. It shows that you are engaged and interested in the conversation which builds trust.

  1. Get Distanced with your Phone

You can’t check out your notification and focus on another individual also at the same time. This is the clearest sign you can give to someone of being uninterested in the conversation.

  1. Pay attention to your tone of voice 

Speak clearly and with confidence. Avoid speaking too softly or too loudly.

  1. Be aware of your posture 

Stand up straight, keep your shoulders relaxed and avoid slouching. This will make you appear more confident and assertive.

  1. Use hand gestures

Use your hands to emphasize your points and add emphasis to your speech. Avoid fidgeting or excessive movements that may be distracting.

  1. Uncross your arms

Crossing arms while communicating is a defensive act. It embodies you are feeling uneasy and that’s the last thing you want to make a person feel until you actually want to run from the conversation.

Communication Skill is a building block which completes with each fulfilled individual block. Improving your body language takes practice and time. Keep these tips in mind and be patient with yourself as you work to improve your communication skills.

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