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The #1 Skill for Anyone Who's Building their Career Shouldn't Ignore

Discover the Golden Communication Structure To Multiply Wealth, Transform Personality & Confidence

Learn the Art of Communicating and drive people’s attention to you. Feel Confident and Influence people with your effective communication skills. As well as Learn to monetize the your skill and charge for your sessions. 


Excellence Communication Masterclass


More Than 25,000 People have taken This Masterclass

Featured In

Sharing Stages With Industry Experts And entrepreneurs

Dynamic Business Leader Dr. Vivek Bindra

With Rahul Bhatnagar & Saurabh Bhatnagar

Sorav Jain - Founder Digital Scholar

Gaurav Madaan - Founder HighOnM

Avi Arya - Founder of Internet Mogules

In this Masterclass, You'll Discover 3 Secrets of Communication

Golden Communication Structure

You'll learn about the Golden Communication Structure to make conversation really impactful.

Working Techniques for Communication Skills

You'll learn about Tips, Tricks & Techniques for Excellence Communication.

Monetize Your Communication Skills​

You'll learn about how you can earn a handsome amount of money from your communication skills?

What else You'll Learn inside the Webinar

Learn to Communicate that gives your more confidence

Learn to Speak Confidently that reach out to future prospects.

Learn to Communicate your Message that makes people WOW

Learn to Grab the next opportunity that You've always wanted.

Learn to start your engaging conversation with your audiences.

Learn the art of excelling in Interview Sessions.

Who's this Masterclass For?


who want to give great presentations

Job aspirants

who want to crack interviews with ease


who want to connect with their audience and win them over


who want to tell engaging stories that audience will remember


who want to conquer the corporate jungle


who want to close more deals easily


looking for a pay raise or a promotion


who wants to confidently express what they think, feel, and want without holding back

Hello, My name is Ankit Ravindra Jain.

I am on a mission to empower 100,000 lives by handholding them to hone their Communication skills and public speaking skills.


This Masterclass Will Help You to

Learn Excellent Communication

Unlock New Growth Opportunities

Create A Positive Personality Shift

Here's How The Masterclass Will Go!!

Learn Ankit's top 3 Secrets of Excellence Communication
Attend live workshop (1)
29th January 2022 (Saturday) 7 PM To 9 PM | 2 Hours Live Masterclass

Pay Really Close Attention!!

If You want to Boost your Communication skills?

Ever wondered Why some people get the job they want, the promotion, and easily grab the opportunity even though the skills possessed by them and you are the same?

Have you ever experienced this situation:

In a room full of people, Why some people are able to attract and gain all the attention towards them,How they are able to create such presence there, Sometimes We create the scenario inside our head but can’t present them in a way that is really impactful. Does it sounds familiar with You?

It’s Because

When you start speaking, You fumble and you cannot speak fluently and confidently & It could Hindi, English or Your mother tongue. If you’re able to relate with this, then You’re not alone. Don’t panic I have a solution for the problem you’re facing in your life.

The Quality of Your Communication will determine the Quality of Your Life.

To solve this Problem, I am inviting you to my Masterclass that would help you to discover the secrets, that I have been practically implemented in my life.

In this live masterclass, I will give you practical ways to practice communication and help you discover the best of communicator inside you. Also lot of bonuses along with it.

Before you come to the Online Masterclass, let me tell you whether I am credible enough to teach you Communication and Public Speaking? 

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Is This Even Possible?
See For Yourself

Because of my participation in the 30 Days Challenge Course under the mentorship of Ankit Sir. I have received an ample amount of knowledge and ideas regarding Communication, Voice modulation, Public Speaking, and many more things. And now I can say that I have a mentor who pushes me constantly to progress in life. The actual meaning of Dedication, Patience, Consistency, Burning Desire I have learned from him and his life story. Thank you for being a mentor in my life, sir.
I feel Ankit sir is an excellent coach as well as life transformer.. His champions communication class is the biggest turning point in my life and the best decision I have ever taken. Sir, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because without your help, your valuable input and the tips you gave me I don't think ..of getting confidence and clarity. Ankit sir is very flexible and really great at accommodating my challenging schedule; he always had a time that worked great for me. Thanks again for the great learning experience.
In all walks of life, we need a mentor who can hold your hand and work on your weak points. Ankit Sir in his Workshops made me take out the time from my busy schedule and changed my procrastinating nature. In other words, he is like our School Teachers/Parents those who never leave us until we complete our assignments. Thanks a ton, Sir for being a lovely mentor. Respect🙏 Kuldeep Thakur
a-_2_ (2)
Thank you Ankit sir for being such a great Role Model for me. Your perseverance, Integrity and People-loving Nature are just a few of your qualities that continue to inspire me. Thank you for being my mentor
a (1)
I thoroughly enjoyed all the live sessions of Public Speaking. A very Powerful, Organized and Engaging Course. One should have the basic understanding of Effective Communication Skills irrespective of his or her Profession. This course will help you emerge as an Effective Communicator
It was one of the best learning experiences I had at Ankit Sir’s 30 Days Challenge Course. If you want to be confident and want to optimize your Public Speaking Skills, it’s my suggestion to join Ankit Sir’s class Keep learning Keep growing !!
29th January 2022 (Saturday) 7 PM To 9 PM | 2 Hours Live Masterclass

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join this Online Masterclass?

This masterclass is specially designed for Students, Freshers, Job Seekers, and Job Professionals

Why should I register for it, When knowledge is available on the internet at no cost?

On the Internet, every knowledge is available in an unorganized manner. If you register for my online masterclass you’ll get a step-by-step plan to solve your particular problem to overcome the fear of speaking confidently.

How will I benefit by taking this Masterclass?

After the Masterclass, you’ll be able to overcome your fear of Communication and low confidence. You’ll have the step-by-step framework to master Communication and Public Speaking.

How will I Access the Masterclass?

On successful registration, You will be made to join a WhatsApp Group. Where You will receive Webinar-related Information.

What I am getting after registration?

You will be given access to 5 Valuable e-BookS for Free and Invite to attend my upcoming webinar.

29th January 2022 (Saturday) 7 PM To 9 PM | 2 Hours Live Masterclass

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