4 Types of Public Speaking

Public speaking is an art that many folks don’t learn in school. But in today’s time, it became an important skill to succeed in your career. Before mastering the art of Public speaking, be it in front of a handful of individuals or millions of people. We should know 4 of the primary types of Public Speaking.

  1. Ceremonial Speaking

Speaking is when we give speeches on a special occasion. It includes birthdays, graduation, wedding, office party and other intimate gatherings. This type of speech involves personal and emotional touch to the people we are speaking to.

These kinds of speeches are best for people who don’t want to speak in front of large crowds.

  1. Demonstrative Speaking

If you work in a technology field or any other field where showing process is part of your work. Demonstrative Speaking is something you need to master. Being able to describe the action while speaking clearly and concisely is the key to demonstrative speaking.

  1. Informative Speaking

Speaking to transfer information or data to a person or group is known as Informative Speaking. College lectures and Monday morning meetings are great examples of Informative Speaking.

Being able to build credibility and authority is vital to lead this kind of speech.

  1. Persuasive Speaking

Persuasive Speaking is speaking with a goal in mind. It is used to convince your audience on a certain point of view while using emotional appeals and strong language in speeches.

Key to persuasive Speaking involves different communication skills such as tone of voice, body language and crafting your message to have a greater impact on audience members.

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